dorm room decorating

Posted : June 4, 2003
Last Updated : July 7, 2022

dorm room decorating

Let's face it: dorms aren't always the most attractive place to live. But that doesn't mean you can't spruce up your space and make it your own.

In fact, many students have fun turning their drab dorm rooms into fun and exciting spaces that encourage creativity and focus. Not only that, but you can even coordinate with your roommate to create a space you can both be proud of. 

Here are a few steps to help you get started:

Step 1: Optimize Your Space

The key to living large in a small dorm room is to use the available space to its fullest. If your dorm room already has a bed that sits low on the ground, you can maximize the storage space underneath by slightly raising the bed.

This will give you more space to store off-season clothes, books, or anything that you don't use on a regular basis. At some schools, you can purchase lofts to put your bed on, which will give you space underneath for more functional items like dorm seating, TV, or even a mini-refrigerator. Some schools may also allow you to bunk two beds together to make space for a "living area."

In addition to maximizing space in the actual dorm room, you can also optimize the space in your closet. Utilizing closet organizers for shoes, sweaters, hats, and belts will not only keep you better organized but also allow space at the bottom of your closet for storage.

There are all sorts of ways to better optimize the space you have in your dorm room. Simply keep an eye out for new ideas, and have fun organizing.

Step 2: Choose Functional Accessories

There are several must-haves that you should put in your dorm room to help make it more functional. Choosing attractive versions of these items enables them to double as accessories, with is fantastic news when you're decorating a small space.

Good lighting is crucial because it will make reading and studying much easier. Invest in a desk lamp and a floor lamp to put by your bed for nighttime reading.

You will also need space to store important documents, such as tax information, bills, scholarship information, etc. Purchase a small filing cabinet to help you organize these important papers. You can even use the top of the cabinet to store your printer, pictures, or other knickknacks.

Finally, a bulletin board is another dorm room must-have. This board can be used to hang roommate messages, class schedules, and assignment due dates. Make the bulletin board more colorful by adding candid photos of your family and friends. If you can think of anything else you deem as a dorm room necessity, be sure to bring it along.

Step 3: Express Yourself

Expressing your individuality through your dorm room d├ęcor will give your room more personality and make you feel more comfortable in your surroundings.

Do you like to paint? Splash your favorite color on furniture or walls with paintable, removable wallpaper to brighten up your room. If you have favorite photos from home, use a photo hanging system to display them. If you want to go the easy route, check out peel n stick wall decals from to liven up your bland walls. 

However you decide to express yourself, just remember to be creative so you will feel more at home and so you and your friends will enjoy hanging out in your room.

Step 4: Stay Comfortable

The very best way to make your dorm room feel like a home away from home is to make it comfortable. While dorm rooms don't always have a reputation for being cozy, a few simple updates can make all the difference.

Because dorm room beds can sometimes be hard, don't forget to bring along a mattress pad. Also, purchase a comfortable chair or couch that you and/or your guests can lounge in, and be sure to keep several decorative pillows on hand for movie nights or studying.

There are pros and cons to living the dormitory life but with the right decorations, you can create a dorm room in which you'll make unforgettable memories. For more dorm room decorating ideas and tips, be sure to follow our Dorm-Organization board and our Dorm Decor board on Pinterest.

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dorm room decorating

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