staying active outside of the classroom

Posted : May 27, 2001
Last Updated : July 6, 2017

staying active outside of the classroom

Activities that you do outside of the classroom will be taken into consideration when it comes to competitive college admission and scholarships. Try to be as well rounded as you possibly can. Your extracurricular and co-curricular (activities that augment and enhance your in-class experiences) involvements can be part of the package of criteria that college admissions officers consider with your application. Here are a few helpful hints:

  • Keep a record of your involvements beginning your freshman year of high school. When the time comes for you to start applying to colleges, you should send with your application a high school resume complete with all of your activities and accomplishments.
  • Be fully involved in the activities that you choose. Focus on making a difference in your community, contributing to a worthwhile cause, learning new skills, and reaching goals.
  • Avoid signing up for activities just to have a long list for your college application. In almost all situations, the depth of your experiences is more important than the number. Choose activities that are meaningful and important to you.
  • Take advantage of leadership roles and opportunities that develop in the activities you have chosen.
  • Keep in mind that some scholarships are based entirely upon community service. Get involved!
  • Don't neglect your own individualism. Continue to nurture your own special talents and interests. These college admissions hooks may set you apart from others when it comes down to an admissions decision.

For information on extracurricular activities at your school, talk with your school counselor. For more information on extracurricular activities that you can be a part of in your community, read Volunteering In Your Community.


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staying active outside of the classroom

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