summer + skills = success

Posted : March 28, 2011
Last Updated : May 23, 2018

summer + skills = success

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, "Skill to do comes of doing." If ever there was a season for doing, it's certainly summer.

Now is the perfect time to begin planning exciting and educational activities for the upcoming summer months. Don't leave your pre-teen or teenager parked in front of the television, game console, or computer during the glory days of June, July, and August. Begin brainstorming ideas to promote learning outside the classroom.


If your teen is old enough, talk with him about possible part-time or full-time employment. Skills learned on the job pay big dividends both in school and in career planning. Alternatively, encourage your student to arrange an internship in a field he is considering. Your student may find he or she loves the work, or just as importantly, hates it!


If your student is younger, help him explore classes and clubs that challenge him to learn new skills. Team sports teach important life lessons while still being fun. Whether it's the swim team, a baseball league, or soccer lessons, encourage your student to get out in the sun and soak up some fun.


Summer is a perfect time to seek out new hobbies and passions. Have a budding shutterbug? A creative writer? A public speaker? A painter? Or a drama queen? Check out programs at local community colleges, universities, parks and recreation departments, YMCA branches, or private schools. If your teen is faithful about bringing home school papers, you've probably already noticed summer flyers appearing in his or her backpack. If not, research the Internet or your local paper for more ideas. Some programs offer scholarships to those who qualify.

Summer School

Summer school and private tutoring are also options to consider. If your student needs a little extra help in a subject area, enroll him or her in a class to get up to speed. Balance this work with a large dose of summer free time. Come fall, your teen will be ready to get back in the swing of things at school.


Camp — whether it's the old-fashioned kind with cabins, sleeping bags, and campfires or more targeted like swimming, engineering, or basketball camp — is a great way to give your teenager a small taste of independence. Do some research to find just the right program for your teen. Make sure the camp has a good reputation and is financially feasible for your family. Again, don't be afraid to ask about scholarships or financial aid.

However your teen spends the summer months, make sure they're memorable, exciting, and filled with new experiences. Remember, skill to do comes of doing!

Source: ACT Parent

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summer + skills = success

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