diversify your college activities

Posted : February 4, 2006
Last Updated : March 7, 2019

diversify your college activities

College life offers an array of activities in which to participate. You should try to take advantage of as many new endeavors as possible in order to broaden your horizons. Here are a few more reasons why you should diversify your college activities.

You could find a possible career path.

If you limit yourself to activities that you are already comfortable with, then you could miss out on a possible career path that you find truly exciting. By participating in an extracurricular activity that you have never considered before, you could end up having a whole new perspective on what you want to do with your life. So, if you are the type of student who is interested in art, why don't you mix it up a little and try joining a science club? Only involved in math clubs? Try something new by writing for the school newspaper. You never know…you could find the career of your dreams.

You will look good to potential employers.

Employers want well-rounded individuals who are interested in growing and learning about new ideas. You should still definitely be involved in activities that pertain to your career path, but you should also be involved in maybe one or two other activities that show you can be a flexible and diverse employee. For instance, even if you won't be dealing with the general public in your chosen career field, employers for that career will still want an employee with good communication skills. Think drama club or debate team.

You will meet and make friends with a variety of people.

College is a melting pot of diverse cultures, lineages, and ideas. Being involved in different activities will allow you to meet a variety of people and learn about their different cultures and ideas. Use this opportunity to learn as much as you can while making new friends along the way.

You will build self-esteem.

By putting yourself out there and trying something new, you will help build your self-esteem. You will be proud of yourself for opening up to new experiences. Think about how great you would feel if you tried out for a sports team and made it, even though you thought you weren't that good. If you try something new and succeed, you will gain the confidence to keep trying new activities.

You will expand your leadership skills.

Part of being a leader means being able to adapt to new ideas and experiences. Become involved in an activity that challenges you. A person who does not feel the thrill of challenge will not progress into being a leader.

Keep in mind that while you should diversify your college activities in order to be a well-rounded person, you shouldn't spread yourself too thin. Don't be involved in so many different activities that you don't have time for your school work. Find a few activities that you are interested in and that pertain to your possible career path(s), and then find one or two activities where you can challenge yourself and be open to new possibilities.

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diversify your college activities

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