spring break dos and don'ts

Posted : March 4, 2005
Last Updated : August 2, 2022

spring break dos and don'ts

Spring break is a time to get away from school for a whole week (or maybe more) without having to worry about term papers, group projects, and grades. Many of you may be planning on going to a spring break hotspot, such as Key West or Cancun. If you are going on a trip for spring break, be sure to keep these dos and don'ts in mind so you can have an enjoyable time.

DO keep safety first. If you are driving to your spring break destination, be sure to have your car checked to make sure it can go the distance without any trouble. You are probably filling up a car with your best friends and making the trip in as few stops as possible. Have fun but stay safe and remember to pay attention to the road. Once you get there stay with your friends, there is safety in numbers.

DON'T get arrested. Spring break is a time to have fun and let loose, but you can have fun and let loose without doing anything illegal. To help keep your activities legal, think of how angry your friends would be if they had to use their extra spring break money to bail you out of jail. It is just not worth it.

DO be respectful of others. Even if you think that your hotel is only filled with fellow spring breakers, you never know who could be in the room next door. Try to be respectful of the families and people around you.

DON'T forget the sunscreen and hydration. If you plan on spending any time on the beach or by the pool, you need sunscreen and some water. There is nothing worse than a bad sunburn and nothing better than keeping your skin protected from those harmful rays. Do not forgot to reapply your sunscreen and refill your water bottle!

DO take lots of pictures. Spring break only lasts so long, but the memories will be around forever. Take lots of pictures to make sure you don’t forget anything. Take memorable pictures but don’t spend so much time on your phone that you are not present with the people in front of you.

DON'T be reckless with your belongings. Always be aware of where you put your wallet, purse, money, credit cards, cell phone, etc. Be especially on guard when you are on the beach or go out. Try not to leave your belongings unsupervised. You never know when someone might try to snatch something when you aren't looking.

DO have fun. You only get to be a young student once so enjoy it while you can.

Hopefully, these dos and don'ts will help you have a fun, yet safe, spring break trip. Above all else, just try to enjoy your time away from school because it won't be long before you are back to the daily grind of writing papers, taking tests, and reading page after page of textbooks.

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spring break dos and don'ts

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