top halloween costume ideas for 2012

Posted : September 26, 2012
Last Updated : September 26, 2012

top halloween costume ideas for 2012

Tis the season for ghosts, goblins, and ghouls, oh my! Make sure you have the best Halloween costume this year by using one of these top costume ideas for 2012.

NFL Replacement Refs. For three weeks in September 2012, football fans everywhere booed and cursed at the blind calls of the NFL replacement refs. Memes were made and jokes were shared, making replacement refs a hilarious costume idea. For this fun costume, just mix together different uniform components of various sports, such as a referee shirt, basketball shorts, and a baseball batting helmet. Throw down yellow penalty flags at random times throughout Halloween night, and this costume will definitely be an "intertouchdownception" among your friends.

President Obama/Mitt Romney/Voting Booth. With 2012 being a presidential election year, it's a perfect time to be political for your Halloween costume. Grab a couple of friends and decide which costumes will work best for each person. For President Obama, you will need a white shirt, a suit, and a blue tie. You will need the same for Mitt Romney, substituting the blue tie for a red one. You should be able to find Obama and Romney Halloween masks at places such as Costume Kingdom and Costume Craze. For the voting booth costume, just get creative with some cardboard and red/blue paint and curtains. This costume idea will surely rock the vote for best costume at your Halloween party.

Characters from The Hunger Games. One of the biggest movies of 2012 was The Hunger Games. If you are a fan of this book series/movie, pick your favorite character to be your next Halloween costume. To be Katniss Everdeen, you will need green pants, a black t-shirt, a black hooded zip-up, and combat boots. If you have long dark hair, just braid it to the side. If not, opt for a braided wig. To finish the look, get a mockingjay pin and a satchel to carry your fake bow and arrows. If you want a more eye-catching costume, you should replicate one of the citizens from The Capitol, such as Effie Trinket. To be Effie, you will need a light pink wig, a floral headpiece, and an over-the-top pink outfit (preferably one with poufy sleeves). Apply very light foundation to your face and pink eye shadow to your lids. Use a bright lipstick to create a heart shaped pout. If you can't find what you need for Effie's costume, you can just be a citizen of The Capitol by wearing a colorful wig, eye-catching makeup, and a crazy outfit. Just have fun with it and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Prince Harry in Vegas. Everyone's favorite ginger prince had a very infamous blunder in Vegas this year. Because what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas apparently, you now have a unique and funny Halloween costume idea. You're welcome. For this costume, you will need a red wig and a nude body suit. Accessorize with a vegas hat and a billiard stick. Create a cardboard censored bar to glue to your body suit or just remember to cup the right place when posing for pictures!

The Fierce Five. One of the most notable highlights of the 2012 London Olympic Games was when the USA women's gymnastics team won gold. Grab a group of friends and be these fierce five ladies for Halloween. All you and your friends will need are red leotards and team USA jackets and pants. Slick your hair back into a tight bun and add some glitter makeup to your face. Purchase gold medals with lanyards to complete the look. Team USA!

The Turtleman. Animal Planet's Call of the Wildman has been a hit show this past year due to the crazy antics of the Turtleman. Show your love for this animal lover by emulating his look for Halloween. For this costume, you will need some camouflage pants, a green t-shirt, and a black cowboy hat. Purchase a faux feather to attach to the back of the hat and a temporary feather tattoo to sport on your right bicep. Be sure to roll up the sleeve on your t-shirt to show off that tattoo! To help complete the look, you will need a fake version of Turtleman's most prized possession, his knife, Thunder. Grab a toy animal such as a snapping turtle, a skunk, or a snake and you're all set. Yeyeyeyeyeyeye, live action!

Magic Mike. The best movie of summer 2012 (for women at least) was Magic Mike. Guys, if you want some female attention this Halloween, then this is the costume for you. You'll find a multitude of Magic Mike costumes in Halloween stores this year, such as the Magic Mike Cop costume or the Fat Magic Mike costume. If you aren't a shy person, you should go all out with the (faux) leather pants, wrist cuffs, and bowtie option. Add a (faux) leather vest if you want a little more coverage, but be sure to wear it open!

Sophia Grace and Rosie. From YouTube sensations to multiple appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to red carpet interviews with celebrities, these two little cuties have definitely made a name for themselves in the past year. If you are prepared to rap Nicki Manaj songs on the spot, then grab your best blonde friend and be this adorable duo for Halloween. For these costumes, you will need matching tulle skirts (pink, purple, gold, blue, etc.) and matching t-shirts the same color of your chosen skirts. Just add tiaras, frilly socks, and shoes of your choice and your costumes are complete.

Snooki's baby. The world got another guido this year with the birth of Snooki's baby, Lorenzo. In typical Snooki fashion, little Lorenzo will surely be decked out in all things animal print, which makes for a fun Halloween costume. To pull off a Baby Lorenzo costume, you will need animal print footed pajamas and baby accessories, such as an I love New Jersey bib, a blanket, and a pacifier. Be sure to get some self-tanner and fake tattoos to add a little more humor to the costume. Gym, tan, and guido babies!

A zombie. While vampires have been all the rage for the past few years, zombie costumes are making a huge comeback especially with the popularity of The Walking Dead. You can find plenty of zombie costumes in stores such as Costume Discounters and Spirit Halloween. If you want a homemade costume, just use old, ripped up clothing and splatter them with fake blood. Mix together gray and white face paint to give your skin that classic zombie appearance and be sure to add the fake blood to your skin. Dust some flour and dirt on your clothes and hair to give the look of just crawling out from a grave. Creepy!

Peyton Manning. The buzz around Peyton Manning and the team he would choose was one of the biggest sports stories of 2012. If you are a fan, show your love for Peyton and for the Denver Broncos by sporting the number 18 jersey. Accessorize with a Denver Broncos hat and people may even mistake you for Peyton himself!

Hopefully these costume ideas will make your 2012 Halloween one to remember. Happy Halloween!


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top halloween costume ideas for 2012

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