top halloween costume ideas for 2013

Posted : October 2, 2013
Last Updated : October 2, 2013

top halloween costume ideas for 2013

Are you on the hunt for the perfect Halloween costume? Well then, look no further! Check out these top Halloween costume ideas for 2013.

The Voice Judges. In the past few years, The Voice has pretty much surpassed American Idol and The X Factor as being the most popular singing competition. With the original judges reunited this season, it's the perfect time to grab a group of friends and dress up as these beloved judges. For the Blake costume, you will need a plaid shirt and a black vest. Pair with jeans and cowboy boots and your costume is complete. To be Adam, you just need a pair of black skinnies, a white or black short-sleeved tee, a fake tattoo sleeve, and lots of swagger. If you want to be Christina, you will need a low-cut dress and platinum blonde hair. Accessorize with a fascinator, a hand fan, and loads of dark makeup. For the Cee Lo costume, anything goes so feel free to go all out. If you want to keep it simple, just wear a bright colored blazer, shirt, pants, and sunglasses. To make the costume Purrfect, don't forget to purchase a fake white cat to carry around with you!

The Royal Baby. In July of this year, a future monarch was born. The arrival of Prince William and Duchess Kate's baby, Prince George, made headlines across the globe making this a perfect costume for 2013. To be Prince George, you will need a onesie, a gold pacifier, and a gold rattle. Accessorize with a crown and a royal cape to finish the look.

North West. The United States had our own version of a "royal" birth with the arrival of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby in June of this year. Their choice of name for their baby girl made headlines and produced many jokes on social media. For this costume, you will need a onesie, a baby bib, and a pacifier. Wear a compass around your neck and fix the arrow to constantly point to the northwest.

*NSYNC Reunion. While most people couldn't stop talking about Miley Cyrus, we think the highlight of the 2013 VMAs was the *NSYNC reunion. To recreate this historic moment (and yes, it's historic in the eyes of many 20-something and 30-something year old ladies), you will need four friends and some dancing shoes! The guys chose semi-matching outfits for their reunion performance, so you will need black suits and various versions of black and white button up shirts. If you decide to be Justin, throw on a black fedora with a feather on the side. Don't forget to practice your "Bye, Bye, Bye" dance moves to have all the ladies screaming and fainting.

Candy Crush Saga. The Candy Crush Saga has taken Facebook and smartphone users by storm this year. The game is so popular that an algorithm designed to track its growth couldn't keep up with it. Talk about a sugar rush! For this costume, attach a hanging plastic organizer to a sturdy necklace and wear it around your neck. Fill the organizer with red jelly beans, lemon drops, purple flower sweet tarts, striped suckers, and chocolate sprinkle doughnuts. Add a red bow for your hair (in honor of Tiffi) or a red hat (in honor of Mr. Toffee) to complete the look.

Characters from The Great Gatsby. The latest movie version of The Great Gatsby was one of the best movies of 2013. Pay homage to this iconic film by dressing as your favorite characters for Halloween. For Daisy, you will need a flapper-inspired party dress, a beaded headband, a pair of retro pumps, and pearl bracelets. For Gatsby, you will just need a tux and a glass of champagne. Don't forget to drop Gatsby's catchphrase, "old sport," throughout the evening.

Duck Dynasty. One of the most popular reality TV shows of 2013 is Duck Dynasty. Dressing as your favorite redneck reality star can be easily done with some bandanas and wigs; however, the reality stars from A&E have partnered up with a costume company to make it easier. The official line of Duck Dynasty costumes will be available at many Halloween shops, including Amazon, Costume Kingdom, and Costume Craze. These family approved costumes will be sure to make you happy, happy, happy. That's a fact, Jack!

Happy Halloween!

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top halloween costume ideas for 2013

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