coexisting in coed dorms

Posted : December 3, 2005
Last Updated : August 20, 2013

coexisting in coed dorms

Living in a coed dormitory can be an interesting experience for a college student. There are many issues that may arise when living with the opposite sex. If you are currently living or want to live in a coed dorm, follow these suggestions to ensure that your coed living experience flows as smoothly as possible.

Respect the opposite sex. Whether your coed residence hall is divided up by floor, wing, room, etc., you should always respect the people living within the dormitory. You should never make snide remarks or jokes about the opposite sex. Remember to follow the golden rule and treat your dorm mates as you would like to be treated.

Avoid dating people who live in your dorm. Living in the same dorm with your girlfriend or boyfriend may be great when the relationship is going smoothly, but what if the relationship turns sour? You probably would not want to keep running into your ex on an everyday basis, so it's best to date someone who doesn't share the same communal restroom as you. However, if you do decide to date someone from your dorm, try to stay on good terms if the relationship ends.

Get over any embarrassment. In many coed dorms, guys and gals share the same bathroom (or even room). If you don't want a member of the opposite sex to catch you in a towel post-shower, then a coed dorm may not be for you.

Don't forget about your studies. If you like to flirt, it may be harder to concentrate on studying when living in a coed dorm. Go to a quiet place in the library to study if you are easily distracted by members of the opposite sex.

While there are bound to be uncomfortable situations that arise when living in a coed dorm, it can still be a really great experience. Living with members of the opposite sex allows you to get to know how they think. Use it to your advantage.


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coexisting in coed dorms

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