dorm room cleaning tips

Posted : February 22, 2012
Last Updated : October 13, 2021

dorm room cleaning tips

Dorm rooms are known for being cramped and tiny. Small living areas make clutter and messes stand out that much more, so take steps every day to keep your dorm room neat and organized.

Make your bed daily.

The bed is usually the focal point of every college dorm room. Take a couple minutes every morning to make your bed. It will make a huge difference in the appearance of your room.

Give every item a home.

The key to this is organizational tools. Do you have shoes scattered across your floor? Get a shoe organizer. What about those shampoo and body wash bottles spread across your desk? Shower caddy to the rescue! Organization is a fundamental step in having a neat dorm room. Check out more dorm room organizers from

Utilize your laundry bin.

Don't just throw your dirty laundry on the floor or across your bed. Use a laundry hamper or bag. Not only will it keep your room less cluttered, it will also make laundry day easier.

Organize your desk.

A cluttered desk is uninviting and will only distract you from your studies. Invest in a filing cabinet and file important papers, documents, and receipts that you need to keep. Recycle old term papers, exams, and assignments that are no longer needed. Utilize small storage containers for pens, pencils, staples, post-its, etc.

Empty your trash basket regularly.

Get into the habit of taking your trash to the dumpster once your trash bin is full. Don't wait until you have trash overflowing onto your floor. Leftover food and food containers should be taken to the dumpster immediately as to avoid giving your dorm room an unpleasant odor.

Clean up spills immediately.

Be sure to wipe down surfaces (i.e. counters, microwaves, etc.) after preparing meals in your room. This will prevent crumb/dirt buildup and sticky surfaces. Food crumbs attract unwanted guests, such as ants and mice, so be sure to clean up spills immediately.

Wash dishes.

You probably won't have dirty dishes often, but when you do, wash them immediately after use. If you don’t have a sink in your room, you may want to get a dish pan. Assemble a dishwashing caddy, complete with dish soap and sponges, to keep items organized.

Clean out your fridge.

Don't let your fridge become a breeding ground for bacteria. Clean your fridge at least once a month by throwing out expired food items and wiping up spills with mild bleach or disinfectant. To avoid bacteria growth, store leftovers in air tight containers and toss the leftovers after about four days.

Dust and vacuum as necessary.

You will probably want to dust and vacuum every one to two weeks depending on how dirty your room becomes after a week is up. Invest in a vacuum or borrow one from your RA. If you have tile or concrete floors, use a Swiffer to pick up the dirt. Wipe down all surfaces to keep dust at bay.

Use air freshener.

From dirty socks to leftover Chinese food, smells can become overwhelming in tiny dorm rooms. Stand-alone air fresheners and sprays will help eliminate the odors.

Having a clean and tidy dorm room will make dorm life so much more enjoyable for you, your roommate, and your guests. So, break out that vacuum and get to work!


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dorm room cleaning tips

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