five classes you may not have to take but should anyway

Posted : June 6, 2007
Last Updated : November 7, 2018

five classes you may not have to take but should anyway

College offers an array of courses that will not only help you in your future career but also in your everyday life. Here are five classes that may not be a requirement for your major, but you should consider taking them as electives.

1. Personal Finance.

Taking a personal finance class in college will help you gain the confidence and know-how needed for future financial endeavors. Personal finance classes offer practical, real-world information that will have instant application in your life. From creating a budget to setting up a retirement plan, you will become familiar with the techniques of financial analyses needed to complete these tasks. Some of the topics covered in a personal finance class may include:

2. Theater Design/Stagecraft.

You may think that a theater design/stagecraft course is too trade-specific for non-theater students to take, but in reality, taking a class in this subject area is beneficial for everyone. Theater design classes cover topics such as set design, scene painting, costume design, etc., so you will learn two crafts that everyone should know: how to use power tools and how to sew.

3. Philosophy.

Philosophy classes allow you to question every dimension of human life. That's why taking a philosophy class will help you develop many skills that you can use on an everyday basis. You will learn how to:

  • Problem solve
  • Analyze complex concepts and ideas
  • Defend or argue against a point
  • Give criticism without giving offense
  • Take criticism without resentment
  • Have a lively discussion or debate

4. Public Speaking.

Public speaking courses will help you learn to effectively communicate your knowledge, ideas, and concerns. Knowing how to successfully convey your ideas and feelings will be helpful to you both in your professional life and in your personal life. To be a valued employee, it's imperative for you to be a good communicator. Those employees with good communication skills are often the ones who get promoted. Good communication skills are also critical as you build relationships with your family and friends. In a public speaking course, you will learn how to:

  • Research topics
  • Identify important information
  • Organize your thoughts
  • Project your voice
  • Improve your speech (get rid of "ums" and "likes")
  • Cope with public speaking anxiety

5. World Religions.

Whether or not you are a religious or spiritual person, you would still benefit from taking a world religions course. World religions courses help foster greater social harmony, tolerance, and acceptance because they open people's minds to other beliefs. From Christianity to Buddhism, you will learn about the many varying religions found around the world. Educating yourself about other people's belief systems, while not necessarily agreeing with them, prevents ignorance and prejudice.

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five classes you may not have to take but should anyway

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