how to enhance your studying environment

Posted : March 21, 2012
Last Updated : August 19, 2020

how to enhance your studying environment

A comfortable, organized, and efficient study area will allow you to study more effectively and should significantly improve your grades. Use these tips to enhance your studying environment.

Designate a space.

Pick an area that you will use only for studying and doing homework, so when you go to that area your brain will automatically go into work mode. An ideal study space would be in an area away from distractions with a moderate-sized desk and a comfortable chair to allow for good posture. If this area is in your bedroom or dorm room, consider utilizing a divider or hang a curtain from the ceiling to create a barrier between your workspace and other distractions in your room. It's crucial to strike a balance between discomfort and too much comfort. To avoid falling asleep while studying, your bed and other cozy areas, such as a couch or bean bag, should be off limits for a designated study space.

Organize your desk.

Being organized is key to being a good student. Here are items you may need to keep your desk in order:

  • Small bookcase – to hold your textbooks
  • Filing cabinet – to keep all your files organized into folders
  • Labeled boxes – to keep your supplies organized and looking neat
  • Bulletin board – to post reminders, notes, study guides, campus announcements, etc.
  • Calendar – to keep track of assignment/test dates, extracurricular activity dates, and other important dates

Get rid of clutter.

A cluttered workspace leads to a cluttered mind. Trying to study at a desk littered with food wrappers, soda cans, and other trash will be distracting. Be sure to keep your workspace neat and tidy. Utilize a filing system to keep important documents and recycle old term papers, assignments, and exams that are no longer needed.

Use good lighting.

Good lighting will increase your productivity and concentration. Because natural light is easiest on your eyes when studying, try to position your desk in front of a window. When the sun goes down, keep your study space bright with a desk lamp.

Create an energizing atmosphere.

You want to create a mood that is inspiring so you will actually want to study. The best way to do this is through colors and scents. Consider painting vibrant colors on the walls in your study area. (Tip: If you live in a dorm room, check out this paintable wallpaper.) Warm colors like reds, oranges, and yellows are stimulating and exciting. If your study space is in your room, keep relaxing colors, such as blues and greens, confined to your sleeping area. Using a divider or hanging a curtain as mentioned above will make this easier. Scents can also affect your frame of mind. Before studying, spray around your desk with an air freshener scented with citrus, mint, or pine. These scents create an uplifting and motivating mood.

Avoid distractions.

Your study area should not include distractions. Keep TVs and game systems powered off when studying. If you work better with some noise, consider playing classical music in the background or using a fan to create white noise. Avoid playing music to which you can sing along. If you are like most students, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (like and follow us on these sites!), and other social media sites will be your biggest distraction since you will probably be working on your computer. It will take willpower on your part to resist the temptation. Remember: never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Fuel your body.

Snacking on healthy food during study sessions will not only improve your concentration, but it will also make studying more enjoyable. Keep a supply of protein bars in your desk drawer or fix a plate of fresh veggies and fruit before you sit down to study. Staying hydrated will also help improve your concentration levels. Keep a glass of water at your desk during every study session and use a desk cup clamp to avoid spills.

By creating the right studying environment, you will stay focused and become a better student. Be sure to follow eCampusTours on Pinterest for more ideas on organizing and enhancing your study space. Now stop procrastinating and go study!

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how to enhance your studying environment

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