how to study for final exams

Posted : May 3, 2004
Last Updated : November 22, 2021

how to study for final exams

Finals week is always a hectic time for students. You have a lot of material to study in a very short time period. So, follow these tips to make this stressful week go as smoothly as possible.

Start early.

Ideally, you should have been reviewing your notes and homework all semester to avoid cramming the night before the final. However, since most students do not abide by this rule, you should try to start studying at least one to two weeks in advance.

Know what to study.

Find out what the test will cover so you will know what to study. Some finals are comprehensive and will cover material from the entire semester, while others focus only on recent material. If the test is comprehensive, be sure to study old tests and notes. Ask your teacher/professor if you don't know what material will be covered on the final.

Know the type of test.

Will the final be multiple choice, essay, true/false, or a combination? This is important to know because there are different ways to study for different types of tests. For a multiple-choice or true/false test, you may have to know specific details, which requires paying more attention to detail when studying. For an essay test, you will have to study topics in a broader sense because you will have to be more analytical.

Study what you don't know.

This may seem obvious, but many students study what they already know and then don't have enough time to study information in which they are not familiar.

Know how the teacher/professor tests.

Has the teacher/professor previously tested on information from the book, lecture, or a combination of both? Most of the time, teachers/professors will take test questions from both, but sometimes he will just test from his lectures or vice versa. Be prepared!

Budget your time.

Anyone would get burnt out on studying if he did it for six hours straight, so make sure you give yourself enough time to take breaks while studying. Doing so will recharge your energy.

Pick an appropriate place to study.

Obviously, the library is a good place to study, but this atmosphere may be too quite for those who like to study while reading out loud. For those of you who like comfort while studying, try to stay clear of your bed. You don't want to get too comfortable and fall asleep. A good studying environment will allow you to better retain information, so pick a place that is conducive to your needs.

Study your way.

You've been in school long enough to know which form of studying works best for you. Some people learn most efficiently by reading, some by listening, and some by writing. Just remember that repetition is key.

Stay healthy.

Be sure to get plenty of sleep and eat healthy during this stressful week. If you stay up late and eat junk food, your brain will not have enough energy to function to its fullest capacity.

Finals week will no doubt be a stressful period but following these tips may help to alleviate the stress and help you receive high exam scores.

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how to study for final exams

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