making new friends in college

Posted : July 12, 2007
Last Updated : July 19, 2018

making new friends in college

The transition to college usually involves leaving old friends behind and seeking out additional friendships at your new school. For some people, making new friends is easy. For others, it may be more difficult. Here are some tips for making new friends in college.

Attend orientation.

As an entering college freshman, you should attend orientation in order to get a head start on meeting new people and forming relationships. During freshmen orientation, everyone is looking to meet new friends, which provides for the perfect atmosphere to start conversations.

Get involved.

In order to meet new people, it is imperative that you get involved on campus. Join a student group such as the debate club or student government. Try out for a sports team. Consider joining a sorority or fraternity. Even if you decide that Greek life isn't for you, you will still meet a lot of potential friends during rush.

Stay on campus.

Avoid weekend trips home to see old friends during the first few weeks of school. This is the time when new students are trying to get to know one another. If you go home every weekend, you will miss out on the weekend activities that bond college students together.

Use your classes.

Try to arrive to the lecture rooms a few minutes before your classes start so you will have time to talk with your peers. Sit in the middle of the classroom and strike up conversations with those around you about homework assignments, upcoming tests, campus activities, etc.

Open your door.

Leave your door open when you are hanging out in your dorm room. Other students are looking to make new friends as well, so many will drop by just to say "hey" if your door is open. Likewise, you should do a drop-by to introduce yourself if you see an open door. Please note: You should always lock your door when you are not in your room.

Be outgoing.

When someone invites you to go somewhere, be sure to accept the invitation. Attend sporting events held on campus. Go to campus parties. Check out university-sponsored events for freshmen.

Study in public.

Instead of studying in your dorm room where you are sure to fall asleep, go to the library, dorm lounge, or campus quad. You'll get in plenty of study time and have the opportunity to meet new people during your study breaks.

Get a job.

It's relatively easy to make friends on the job. Daily happenings at work usually bond coworkers together. So, inquire about work-study jobs. Look for retail job opportunities. Get a restaurant job. You'll not only make new friends, but earn extra cash along the way.

Throw a party.

If allowed at your residence, throw a theme party and invite various people. As the host or hostess of the party, make a point to introduce yourself to every guest. You should make quite a few friends by the end of the night.

As long as you extend yourself and make a point to meet new people, you should have a multitude of friends in no time. Happy friend hunting!

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making new friends in college

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