five college clubs and extracurricular activities that look good to employers

Posted : August 28, 2014
Last Updated : October 14, 2021

five college clubs and extracurricular activities that look good to employers

Being involved in clubs and extracurricular activities during college will not only help you become more connected to your college community and make new friends, but your involvement may also help you land a job after graduation.

Employers look for candidates who have a wide variety of transferable skills and experience, including but not limited to:

  • Verbal and written communication
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility
  • Time management
  • Leadership

The clubs and activities in which you are involved in college can help you hone these skills, making you a more desirable candidate for employment. Here are five college clubs and extracurricular activities that will look good on any resume regardless of your career path.

Debate team.

The skills you will acquire while participating in your school's debate club will immensely improve your verbal communication, which will not only help you on the job but in everyday life as well. The debate club will teach you how to formulate and present ideas clearly and concisely. You will learn how to be poised and eloquent under pressure. You will also discover the importance of understanding different points of views.


From start to finish, Greek life will teach you valuable employment skills. During recruitment, you will learn how to communicate effectively and how to handle yourself in various social situations. As you become more involved in your fraternity or sorority, you will organize fundraisers, recruit new members, serve on committees, etc. These activities will educate you about event coordination, money management, teamwork, leadership, etc.

Orientation leader.

Similar to the debate team, you will hone your verbal communication skills as an orientation leader at your college. The number one duty of an orientation leader is speaking to groups of incoming students, so you will be polishing your public speaking skills on a regular basis. Employers will also appreciate that you stepped up into a leadership role on campus.

Resident assistant.

Because a resident assistant has such a wide variety of responsibilities, this college activity will undeniably impress a potential employer. As a resident assistant, you will learn versatile skills in counseling, conflict management, event facilitation, leadership, etc. Being a resident assistant is also a major time commitment, so you will certainly learn the value of flexibility and time management.

School newspaper.

Even if you are not a journalism major, becoming a member of your college's school newspaper can greatly benefit your future career. This extracurricular activity will help you sharpen your writing skills, learn how to think in a critical fashion, and understand the importance of time management by teaching you how to work on a tight deadline.

Participating in college clubs and extracurricular activities will likely increase your chances of obtaining the kind of job you want after college graduation. For more information about joining a club or activity on campus, visit your school's student involvement center.

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five college clubs and extracurricular activities that look good to employers

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