part-time jobs for the entrepreneurial student

Posted : February 26, 2014
Last Updated : January 11, 2018

part-time jobs for the entrepreneurial student

If you are interested in obtaining a part-time job but your schedule doesn't allow for a traditional job that most students pursue, such as waiting tables or working in retail, you may want to consider a more entrepreneurial approach to earning money while still in school. Starting a side business will allow you to make your own work schedule and give you much more flexibility. Check out these small business ideas for the entrepreneurial student.

Art and craft sales. Artistic students can earn money by selling handmade arts and crafts. From knitted scarves to handmade jewelry to holiday wreaths to canvas paintings, there is a wide variety of items that you could make and sell. To market your handmade items, exhibit at craft fairs, art festivals, yard sales, etc. You can also sell your crafts online at

Babysitting. Being a babysitter is a popular method of earning cash as a high school or college student. Most sitters are needed on Friday and Saturday evenings and during the weekdays between 3pm-6pm, so the hours are suitable for a student schedule. To increase your chances of being hired as a babysitter, consider taking a one-day course in CPR and first aid training. References and recommendations are critical in obtaining new babysitting jobs, so you may want to start out by sitting for families that you already know. To find babysitting jobs in your area, check out

Computer skills training. As a high school or college student who has grown up using computers, you have the know-how to teach basic computer skills to older adults and senior citizens who are computer illiterate. From creating email accounts to researching topics on the internet to scanning pictures and documents, you can teach your clients an array of computer skills. Ask your friends and classmates if they have older relatives who could benefit from your services.

Lawn care services. If you enjoy working outdoors and doing manual labor, you may want to consider a part-time job of offering lawn care services. This is a job that will allow you to work year round, especially if you live in colder climates. During the spring and summer months, you can mow lawns, trim hedges, and tend to flower beds. In the fall, you can mulch or rake leaves. During the winter months, you can shovel snow from driveways and sidewalks. Build up a customer base by distributing flyers, which describe your services and rates, around community neighborhoods.

Organization services. Having a knack for keeping areas neat and organized may pay off for you in the form of a small business venture. Many people need assistance with organizing their home and/or office space. As an organizer, your duties may include arranging messy closets, implementing filing systems, cleaning cluttered garages, coordinating yard sales, etc. Market your services via online venues in order to create a sizeable customer base.

Personal assistant services. Adults who have very busy schedules and/or senior citizens often need the services of a personal assistant. A personal assistant helps with a variety of life management tasks. These tasks can include: running errands, paying bills, shopping, meal planning, walking dogs, wrapping gifts, etc. Make a flyer of the services you will provide and the rates you will charge. Distribute these flyers to neighborhoods in your community or advertise your services online.

Pet sitting. Pet sitting has become a booming business in recent years. When needing to travel, more and more pet guardians are opting for pet sitters in replace of kennel services because a pet sitter can offer more attention and care. Pet sitters are also needed on a day-to-day basis for pets whose guardians work long hours. As a pet sitter, you will feed, walk, and play with the animals. You may also need to administer medications to the animals, clean litter boxes or accidents in the house, and brush the coats and teeth of the animals. Similar to babysitting jobs, references and recommendations are crucial in obtaining new pet sitting jobs so start out with someone you already know. Check out and to find jobs in your area.

Home repair services. Homeowners are often in need of handyman type services. If you are skilled in repairing and/or renovating homes, consider offering this service as a part-time business venture. From mending leaky faucets to painting dingy siding, there is a range of home repair services that you could offer. Advertise your services to homeowners in your community.

Tutoring. If you enjoy helping others learn, being a tutor may be the perfect part-time job for you. As a tutor, not only will you strengthen your people and communication skills, but you will also fortify your knowledge in your field of expertise. You can tutor elementary and middle school students in an assortment of subjects. If you excel in a certain subject, you can also offer your services to peers at your school who may need assistance. Design flyers with your services and rates and post them around your campus. You can also advertise your tutoring services to friends via your social media pages.

Not only will you earn money as a part-time business entrepreneur, but you will also enjoy flexibility and learn valuable entrepreneurial skills that may serve you well in your future career. As you establish your part-time business venture, make sure your rates are competitive with other businesses in the area. Enjoy being your own boss!


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part-time jobs for the entrepreneurial student

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