utilizing career services at your college

Posted : March 2, 2004
Last Updated : December 21, 2022

utilizing career services at your college

Are you still "undecided" and have no clue as to what you want to major in? Are you delaying your job search even though you graduate this year? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you need the assistance of your college's Career Services department.

Most colleges offer free career services to their students by providing various programs and resources to help assess career interests and assist in job searching. The following are just some of the services that your college may offer to help you with the career planning process; check with your college's personnel to see what specific services they offer.

Self-Assessment and Career Exploration
If you have no idea what you want to major in, then visit your college's Career Services department and take a self-assessment test to find out what jobs your personality is compatible with and what jobs you would enjoy. Many colleges offer tests such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Strong Interest Inventory. These tests will assess your skills, values, interests, and personality, and the results will give you an idea of what field/jobs will best fit you. Once you know in which field you would like to work, research the different jobs that are found in that particular field. Most Career Services departments have a wide variety of resources for you to explore. For example, your college's Career Services may have a library that is organized under different majors, such as Business Administration, so you can easily find what types of jobs you could apply for if you were to major in Business. Companies will often supply Career Services with literature to allow students to get information about their company so students will know what companies/businesses are out there.

Resume and Resume Cover Letter Assistance
With so many people in the pursuit of a job, it is imperative that your resume and resume cover letter stick out to employers. Your college's Career Services department can assist you with perfecting your resume and resume cover letter. You can find many resources in the Career Services' library that will help you write a resume and cover letter and provide you with examples. The staff at most Career Services will also assist you as much as possible in creating your resume/cover letter, such as providing new ideas and proofing.

Career Fairs
Usually twice a year, Career Services at most colleges provide a career fair for their students. This special event gives students an opportunity to investigate career options, meet recruiters, start networking, and begin job searching. Students should bring copies of their resume to hand out to recruiters as well as dress in a professional manner. Recruiters may even request an on-the-spot interview, so be ready for questions. Check with your Career Services to see if/when a career fair will be held at your college.

On-Campus Interviews
Career Services can also set up on-campus interviews for their students. Representatives from different organizations will interview students on campus in order to recruit graduating seniors. Students in all majors can benefit from this service because such a wide variety of organizations are represented. These interviews usually take place from October to April in order to accommodate December graduates. This is a valuable service to students because it will help you make contacts in your specified field even if you are not offered a job. Check with the Career Services department at your school to find out which companies will be holding interviews and to sign up for an interview appointment.

Online Resume Referrals
At most colleges, if you register with Career Services, potential employers can access your online resume. After an employer identifies what qualifications he/she is looking for, the requests are matched with the qualifications contained in the online resumes, which are then forwarded to the employer. This online resume referral will increase your visibility with employers as well as increase your chances of obtaining a job.

Job Listings
Numerous employers advertise job opportunities through Career Services. The job opportunities can range from full-time positions to internships. These job listings are usually found on Career Services' websites or on bulletin boards around campus. Check on your school's Career Services' website to see what employment opportunities are available.

Knowing what to major in can be hard enough for a college student and finding a job in that particular field can be even harder. Let the Career Services department at your college assist you in finding a perfect match. Visit Career Services at your college to see what specific services they can offer you.


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utilizing career services at your college

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