when should i apply to college?

Posted : September 6, 2001
Last Updated : September 6, 2001

when should i apply to college?

Too many times, students wait too late to apply to their college or university of choice. So when should you apply? Here are some tips.

  • Talk to the school as early as possible to get all the information you can.
  • Many schools only consider your grades cumulative through your junior year for admission. They look at your final grades to decide whether or not you can still attend.
  • Apply early. The application itself is usually the most extensive process for both you and the school.
  • Take your ACT and/or SAT in your junior year of high school. Due to deadlines, the October administrations (during your senior year) of the exams may be your last chance at certain institutions. Do not miss the final deadline. College application deadlines are non-negotiable.
  • Make sure you have submitted ALL applications and required documents to your college or university.
  • Keep copies of everything you submit - including the dates that transcripts were mailed by your high school.
  • GET THE INFORMATION FIRST-HAND! So many things are different from one school to the next and even from one year to the next. In other words - DO NOT ASSUME.
  • The application process is different at different types of schools. Not all schools require essays, lists of activities, or interviews for example.
  • Above all else, do not be afraid to ask questions. This is your first time going through this process.

Try to take steps one at a time and get an early start on gathering applications and information on your colleges. Beginning all of this in October of your senior year is WAY too late.


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when should i apply to college?

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