strengthen your academic skills

Posted : March 31, 2009
Last Updated : July 23, 2019

strengthen your academic skills

If you think your academic skills aren't quite up to speed for college, don't give up. You will find that a college degree is obtainable if you just take time to prepare yourself. Find the path that's right for you by following these tips:

Use test score information to see where you need work.

Score information from the ACT, SAT, ACT Aspire, PSAT can tell you what subjects you need help with and what you can do to raise your skills to the next level. Remember, a low score doesn't necessarily mean you're bad in a subject. It just means you haven't mastered the subject yet.

Work with a tutor to learn subject material you don't know.

The one-on-one attention of a tutor can help you develop an understanding of basic concepts, build specific skills, and gain more academic confidence overall. Utilizing a tutor offers a learning enviroment in which you might feel more able to ask questions without the fear of speaking up in front of your peers. Be sure to consider all available tutoring options, such as extra help sessions with a teacher, peer tutoring, private tutoriing, etc.

Take a summer or night school class.

Taking a summer or night class would allow you to learn about subject matters away from the pressures of the typical high school classroom. This different learning environment may inspire you to take a more determined approach to your studies.

Check out study aids.

Research online or visit your school library, a public library, or a local bookstore to find a variety of study aids, such as books, videotapes, audiotapes, and computer programs, that can help you master any subjects in which you may be struggling. Review these study aids on a regular basis until you are comfortable with the material.

Ask your counselor or teachers for ideas.

Because your counselor and/or teachers know you best in the academic setting, they may be able to offer specific ideas of how you can bulid your skills. Work with them to tailor an action plan for your personal situation.

Source: ACT's News You Can Use


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strengthen your academic skills

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