senioritis: avoiding the epidemic

Posted : January 5, 2004
Last Updated : January 9, 2017

senioritis: avoiding the epidemic

Senioritis (n.) A less than moderate interest in school-related activities, especially academics, that students usually acquire around the last semester of their senior year; symptoms include having a reduced attention to studies and extracurricular activities, making up excuses not to attend classes, sleeping during class, and suffering from a severe fixation with partying.

If you have yet to experience these symptoms, be careful because this disease is contagious. It is easily spread among high school seniors everywhere. Below are just a couple of the dangers of contracting this disease.

  • Colleges can revoke their offer of admission. This seems harsh, but many colleges have revoked their admission offers to students due to senioritis. Many college acceptance letters even include warnings to students such as, "Your admission is contingent on your continued successful performance." If your grades start to slip during your senior year, many colleges take that as a sign that you don't want to continue your education. So, don't slump on academics once those college acceptance letters arrive.
  • Your college performance can be affected. If you choose to slack off during your senior year, you will not be ready for the challenges of college. Many students who were affected by senioritis in high school required remedial help once they entered college.

Now that you know of the dangers of coming into contact with this disease, you may be wondering if there is a cure for senioritis. Unfortunately, the only real cure for this disease is graduation. However, you can utilize preventative care to ensure that you are not infected with this disease. Here's how:

  • Challenge yourself. Take the most rigorous courses available at your school. During class discussions, bring up new ideas. When studying, don't just memorize; think outside the box. Continue to set academic goals that you want to reach, such as making an A on that research paper.
  • Make schoolwork more interesting. Form study groups with your friends. Invent academic games to make studying more fun and easier. Ask your teacher(s) to organize class field trips.
  • Stay involved. If you stay active in sports, volunteer work, and other extracurricular activities, you will be more likely to remain focused throughout your senior year.
  • Take a college course. What better way to avoid an academic slump than to take a college course? If you excel in high school classes, you should consider taking one evening class at a local college. This will not only introduce you to the rigors of college work, but you will also receive college credit.

Senioritis is extremely easy to catch and once you have it, it can be hard to rid yourself from it. So, try to keep the above-mentioned preventative measures in mind while you enjoy your last few months of high school. It'll be worth it in the end. USA, LLC

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senioritis: avoiding the epidemic

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