establishing homework strategies

Posted : December 2, 2008
Last Updated : July 18, 2018

establishing homework strategies

Homework is a valuable part of learning. Though you probably think it's a pain, homework does help to cement lessons taught in class. Be sure to establish homework strategies at the beginning of the school year so you can stay on track all year.

Assume that you will have homework every night.

Even if you completed your assignments, take time to review them. It's easier to see any errors the second time around. Don't forget to look ahead to long-term assignments like research papers or science projects. If you're fortunate enough to have time during the school day to finish all homework assignments, use your scheduled homework time to develop solid studying habits.

Don't be intimidated by homework.

It's like a sporting event, but for your mind. Homework is part of your learning process. If you're having problems with an assignment, check with your teacher or look for free homework help that might be available in your area. Many public libraries offer either a live or online homework service. Tutors are another option.

Make it a routine.

Find a place and set a consistent time for doing homework. The adage states that it takes three weeks to develop a habit. Practice your homework routine, and it should become second nature before long.

Not only is homework an important part of your grades, but it also improves your study skills. While homework focuses on a specific assignment, studying goes beyond that to enhance understanding of the concepts and topics taught in class. Complete your homework assignments each night to help you develop good study habits.

Source: ACT's News You Can Use

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establishing homework strategies

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