making the most of parent/teacher conferences

Posted : September 10, 2007
Last Updated : August 21, 2020

making the most of parent/teacher conferences

You may think that parent/teacher conferences end once your child is out of elementary or middle school, but it is still crucial for you to attend these conferences throughout your child's high school years as well. As a parent of a college bound student, you need to make sure your child is on the right path. Here are some tips for making the most of your parent/teacher conferences.

Before the Conference

Think about the topics/subjects you would like to discuss with your child's teacher(s). Before attending the meeting(s), you may want to:

  • Talk with your child to see if he is having any trouble at school. If he is, he may be more likely to share his feelings with you more so than his teachers.
  • Look over recent assignments and tests so you know how your child has been performing in class.
  • Review his textbooks so you know what he is studying.
  • Make a list of questions to ask at the meeting, such as:

    -- What is the class going to cover this semester/year?
    -- Is my child working up to his ability?
    -- Does he complete all assignments?
    -- Does he participate in classroom discussions?
    -- Is there anything I can do at home to help my child have a successful school year?
    -- What should my child be doing to prepare for the SAT/ACT for this subject?

At the Conference

Be sure to arrive to your meeting on time. Parent/teacher meetings are often scheduled one after another, so arriving late will only cut down on your time with the teacher. During the conference:

  • Ask your most important questions first in case you run short on time.
  • Welcome any suggestions from the teacher. Parents and teachers should work together for the success of the student. Blaming the teacher for any problems that your child may be having will not help matters. Instead, join forces with the teacher to come up with a solution.
  • Ask for clarification if you don't understand something that the teacher says.
  • Schedule a follow-up meeting if needed.

After the Conference

Discuss the outcome of the conference with your child. If you and the teacher talked about steps to take to improve your child's academic, extracurricular, or social endeavors, go over these steps with your child. Make sure he understands what is expected of him. Stay in contact with your child's teacher(s) throughout the semester/year in order to be aware of your student's progress.

Parent/teacher conferences are an excellent way for you to fully understand how your child is performing in school. Take the opportunity to meet with your child's teachers so your student can have a successful school year and stay on the path toward college.

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making the most of parent/teacher conferences

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