top ten things to know about college applications

Posted : October 3, 2011
Last Updated : August 19, 2013

top ten things to know about college applications

Encourage your teenager to take his or her time when applying for college. Just like applying for a job, attention to detail will set your student apart from the pack and help avoid delays and added stress. Your student should know that it's important to:

  1. Use proper spelling and grammar
  2. Submit online forms after they've been completed
  3. Sign all applications
  4. Carefully read instructions to avoid answering incorrectly
  5. List all relevant extracurricular activities
  6. Provide enough time for his or her counselor to meet college deadlines
  7. Write legibly
  8. Use a calendar to keep track of all submission deadlines
  9. Regularly check email accounts for college responses and messages
  10. Fill out his or her own application and write his or her own essay

As with all good planning, encourage your teenager to build some extra time into the overall process. Life happens, counselors have many students to help, college choices may change, and checking documents takes time. Allowing a little extra time will make the journey a little smoother and calmer during a very busy period in your senior's life.

Source: ACT Parent


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top ten things to know about college applications

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