motivating your student to apply for scholarships

Posted : June 29, 2015
Last Updated : June 8, 2020

motivating your student to apply for scholarships

Many teenagers lack motivation in certain areas that parents deem important. One such instance where parents may find their child lacks motivation involves the college scholarship application process. While some students are intrinsically motivated and will search out and apply for scholarships on their own, other students may need a little encouragement in order to accomplish these tasks. Here are ways that you can motivate your child to apply for college scholarships.

Discuss college costs and finances with your child.

You teenager may not fully comprehend how much college can cost. Hold a frank discussion with your child where you review the costs of his top college choices, how much money (if any) you will be able to contribute, the significance of creating a college budget, the realities of student loans, etc. Try to make him realize the importance of applying for college scholarships and how obtaining scholarships could decrease his college financial burden.

Share scholarship success stories.

Motivate your teen by sharing scholarship success stories of other students. Perform online research of blogs that belong to students who have been successful at winning scholarships. Take note of the steps each student performed in order to obtain the scholarships. Go over with your student ways for him to implement successful strategies for obtaining a scholarship into his routine.

Assist with developing a scholarship organization plan.

When it comes to applying for college scholarships, organization is a key aspect. From deadlines to account passwords to application requirements, your student will have a multitude of details to remember. Developing a scholarship organization plan will help deter your child from becoming overwhelmed, which in turn will motivate him to complete applications. Share these organization tips with your child to make the process of applying for scholarships a little easier.

Provide incentives.

Using extrinsic motivators, such as rewards, can prod your student into action. Just as you may have bribed your toddler during the toilet training phase, that same concept should work with your teenager. Consider making a deal with your child that if she applies for a certain amount of scholarships, then you will provide half of the money so she can purchase that new phone or outfit for which she has been saving up money.

Give your child a free pass.

Most teens would gladly give up their household chores to complete other tasks, even if the task involves academics. Allow your child a free pass on chores if he uses that time to search out and complete scholarship applications.

Set realistic goals.

If you expect or nag your child to spend most of her free time looking for scholarship leads and filling out applications, no wonder she isn’t motivated. Work with your teen to set realistic goals for the number of hours spent each week on the scholarship application process.

Acknowledge and encourage your child’s efforts.

Positive encouragement can work wonders to increase your child’s motivation. By letting your teen know that you have seen and appreciate his efforts to apply for scholarships, you are giving him the confidence he needs to continue applying for more.

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motivating your student to apply for scholarships

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