fun jobs for the summer

Posted : June 8, 2010
Last Updated : May 15, 2017

fun jobs for the summer

Want to make some extra cash but not willing to give up your summer fun? Here are a few employment suggestions to keep your summer enjoyable while still making money. If any of these suggestions sound enticing, let help you find your perfect summer job.

Amusement park. This is a no brainer. It has the word "amusement" in the title; you are bound to have fun working at one of these places. From operating rides to giving out game prizes to dressing up as theme characters, this is a dream summer job for those who are still a kid at heart. Plus, you can fill up on cotton candy until your heart's content!

Beach/pool. What's better than spending your summer at the beach or by the pool? Spending your summer at the beach or by the pool and getting paid for it! If you are a detail-oriented person and a good swimmer, you may want to consider being a lifeguard. You must be certified in lifeguard training, CPR, and first aid.

Cruise ship. If you love traveling by water, meeting a variety of new people, and experiencing new places, then working on a cruise ship might be the summer job for you. If you choose to get a job on a cruise ship, not only will you earn money, but you could also save money. For cruise ship employees, all expenses are usually taken care of by the cruise ship line, including accommodation, food, and medical expenses. There are a variety of employment opportunities on a cruise ship ranging from cabin attendant to beautician to entertainer to fitness instructor.

Little league softball/baseball. Working as an umpire is a great way to make money for just a couple of hours of work. If you love sports and have a solid knowledge of the game, then this may be the perfect summer job for you.

Movie theater. Okay, working as a movie theater attendant may not be the most fun you could have during the summer, but at least you can watch movies for free!

Summer camp. Do you love working with kids and being outdoors? If so, you should consider being a camp counselor for the summer. Not only will you have a blast, but you can also build your resume, especially if you are considering a career in athletics, sports management, coaching, teaching, dance, theater, fine arts, or child development.

Vacation resort. Spend your whole summer on vacation! Much like working on a cruise ship, your food and lodging are usually free if you are employed at a vacation resort. Most places will also allow you to use the resort's facilities at no charge on your time off. Examples of vacation resort jobs include tour guides, entertainers, sports instructors, bartenders, retail staff, nannies, etc.

Your summer doesn't have to be all work and no play. Just find a job that you enjoy and let the good times of summer begin.


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fun jobs for the summer

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