five new year's resolutions you can actually keep

Posted : January 3, 2006
Last Updated : December 21, 2022

five new year's resolutions you can actually keep

New Year's resolutions can be hard to keep. You probably start off pretty good at the beginning of January, but by the time February rolls around, you find yourself eating more fatty foods, making excuses not to go to the gym, spending money on clothes or electronics that you don't really need, etc. Even though they are the most common, resolutions involving diet, exercise, and money are usually the hardest ones to carry out, especially for students. So, here are five New Year's resolutions that you can actually keep throughout the whole year.

1. Volunteer more.

Not only will this look good on your resume, but you will be helping your community. If you already volunteer, but do it on a limited basis, make a resolution to find the time to volunteer more often. If you do not currently volunteer, decide what you have a passion for and then look for an organization in which you can experience that passion on a regular basis. Love animals? Volunteer at an animal shelter. Interested in becoming a teacher? Volunteer at a local school.

2. Don't procrastinate.

It's hard not to put off school work until the last minute, but try to make a resolution to complete assignments in ample time before they are due. That way you will have plenty of time to check answers, proofread, etc. in order to make good grades. Plus, by completing assignments early, you won't be rushed to complete them the night before they are due.

3. Don't sweat the small stuff.

So you didn't make a perfect grade on that philosophy paper. Big deal. It's not like that one grade will keep you from getting a good job when you graduate. You will just have to make sure to do better the next time around. If you stress over stuff that you can't change, you will only make yourself sick.

4. Update your resume regularly.

Has it been a while since you've updated your resume? If so, make a resolution to revise your resume every time you change jobs, win an award, etc. By updating your resume on a regular basis, you will be more capable of remembering specific details to include and won't forget to add anything to your resume that is noteworthy.

5. Relax.

This should be an easy resolution for anyone to keep! Students have very busy schedules, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to find the time to relax now and then. Sticking to resolution number 2 will make this resolution must easier to keep. If you find that you have had a very busy day, week, or month, set aside a few hours or even a whole day for some much needed relaxation. Get a massage, read a non-textbook book, try out some yoga techniques, watch your favorite TV show, or just chill with your closest friends.

There you go! Now you have five New Year's resolutions that you can actually keep throughout the year…or at least until mid-February.

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five new year's resolutions you can actually keep

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