making the most of prom night

Posted : April 3, 2005
Last Updated : March 13, 2014

making the most of prom night

Prom is an event that many students look forward to years before they can actually attend. It is a time to dress up, hang out with friends, and dance the night away. Here are some tips to make prom night as fun as possible.

Choose your date wisely. Whether you go with your current boyfriend or girlfriend, someone you are crushing on, or just a friend, make sure you pick someone with whom you are comfortable and with whom you can have fun. You don't want to be so nervous around your prom date that you can't have a good time.

Plan ahead. Order flowers and make dinner/limo reservations in advance. If you wait until the last minute, you may not get to eat at that swanky restaurant or ride in that massive limo.

Rest before the big night. Having fun on prom night takes a lot of energy. With all the dancing you will be doing, you need to make sure that you get a good night's sleep before prom and maybe even take a nap the day of prom. If you talked your parents into extending curfew on prom night, you will need all the sleep you can get beforehand.

Eat. With all the preparation that goes along with the prom, you could be so busy that you forget to eat. Try not to be so preoccupied with washing your car or styling your hair that you forget to nourish yourself. Eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner so you will have enough energy to enjoy yourself at the dance.

Take pictures. While this may not be the most fun part of the night, at least it will make your mom happy. Organize a place for all your friends to meet before prom so you can take group pictures. Hopefully, you will want to remember this night forever so try to take pictures throughout the night as well.

Dance. Don't be a wall flower on prom night. Get up and dance! If you aren't into your date enough to slow dance, don't let that stop you from having fun. Pull your friends onto the floor and dance in a circle.

Hang out with your friends. Make post-prom plans with your friends. Find out if anyone is having an after-prom party complete with sodas, snacks, and music. Or see if your friends want to join you and your date for a round of miniature golf or a game of bowling. Some schools even coordinate post-prom activities so students can have a safe place to continue enjoying the night.

Keep it safe. Don't do anything you will regret, such as drink and drive. You want your prom to be a night to remember, not a night to forget.

Prom night is a time to create lasting memories with your classmates. Try not to stress out too much about your dress, tux, hair, car, etc. and just have fun!


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making the most of prom night

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