i'm graduating, and i haven't found a job yet

Posted : May 3, 2005
Last Updated : May 3, 2016

i'm graduating, and i haven't found a job yet

Every year when seniors are about to graduate from college, they begin to get nervous because they are on the brink of entering the real world. That nervousness can escalate if they are about to graduate and do not have a job lined up. If you are a senior who is graduating soon but haven't found a job yet, you may need to improve upon your process of getting a job. The following will get you on track to land employment in no time.

Make sure your resume is top notch. If you have mistakes in your resume, then a hiring manager will automatically trash it. Be sure to double check for errors and have a mentor or friend proofread your resume before you submit it. When referring to experience, use action verbs, such as implemented, created, planned, evaluated, etc. in order to highlight your accomplishments. Be sure to use short, to-the-point phrases instead of complete sentences. Visit your college's Career Services Center if you need assistance with making your resume superior.

Don't forget a cover letter. If you have been submitting a resume without a cover letter, then it's no wonder that you haven't found a job yet. Cover letters are a crucial part of landing a job because they give you the opportunity to highlight your specific strengths for each individual position for which you apply. When writing a cover letter, be sure to accentuate how you can benefit the company. Visit your college's Career Services Center if you need help with writing a compelling cover letter.

Sharpen your interviewing skills. If you have been on several interviews but have received just as many rejection letters, then you may need to improve your interviewing skills. Check out How to Sell Yourself During a Job Interview and Job Interviewing: Dos and Don'ts for tips on how to ace the interview.

Attend area job fairs. If you haven't attended any job fairs, then you need to start. A job fair will allow you to meet different recruiters from various companies. Treat a job fair like a mini interview. Be sure to research each company, dress appropriately, be prepared to answer questions, ask questions, bring copies of your resume, and end each conversation appropriately by asking what the next step is in the interviewing process.

Research company websites. If you are interested in a certain company, check out the employment section of their website. They may have employment opportunities for which you may qualify. When hunting for a job, many students forget to go directly to the company website to see what positions are available.

Use your network. If you have friends, relatives, professors, former employers, or acquaintances who work or know someone in your field of interest, be sure to talk to that person and let him know that you are interested in obtaining employment. He may be able to help you get an interview. Don't be afraid to use social networking sites, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, to help you find a job.

Utilize job search engines. Job search engines, such as monster.com and job.com, are very helpful tools for finding employment especially if you want a job that isn't local. Once you post your resume or submit your info to an employer, most search engines will send you future emails of new positions that you may be interested in pursuing. This will allow you to be aware of certain positions that you may not otherwise have heard about since the positions may not be local.

Scan classified ads in your local newspaper. Because some local businesses do not post positions on job search engines, then you need to check out the employment section of your local newspaper often. It is usually filled with a lot of ads for entry-level positions making it a great resource for graduating seniors.

Keep in contact with your school's Career Services Center. The Career Services Center at your school is there to assist you in finding a job. If you haven't already visited your school's Career Services Center, do so as soon as possible. Most Career Services Centers provide career fairs, on-campus interviews, online resume referrals, and job listings.

Finding a job can be a tough process. It is crucial to use all resources available to you and stay persistent in your search. Improving your resume and cover letters and brushing up on your interviewing skills should help you find employment soon. Happy job hunting!


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i'm graduating, and i haven't found a job yet

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