creating a professional email address

Posted : July 2, 2012
Last Updated : July 16, 2014

creating a professional email address

When applying for admission to college or applying for a job, it is crucial to present yourself in a professional manner. While your email address may seem insignificant in the overall process of receiving admittance to a college or obtaining a job, it is actually a factor that some college admission officers and human resources personnel take into consideration. Here's how to create a professional email address for college admission applications and employment applications/resumes.

Avoid Cutesy or Risqué
While a cute or risqué email address can seem clever among your group of friends, it can send the wrong message to college admission officers and HR personnel. Avoid email addresses that use nicknames or profanity and email addresses that are offensive or have sexual connotations. It may seem like common sense, but both college admission officers and HR personnel have reported seeing those kinds of email addresses on applications. Consider the following email addresses:


Not only do the above emails come off as juvenile, but a few of them would also make college admission officers and HR personnel question your character. For instance, iluvalcohol may raise concerns about alcohol abuse, and sleepin247 may raise concerns about laziness and procrastination. Perhaps it seems fastidious, but avoiding cutesy or risqué email addresses is best practice when applying for college admission or a job position. Otherwise, you will appear immature and prove that your attention to detail is lacking.

Choose Simple and Straightforward
When creating a professional email address, keep it simple and straightforward. Use variations of your first, middle, and last name. Here are some ideas to guide you:


Taking a little time to think about how your email looks from the standpoint of the recipient can go a long way toward presenting a professional image. It's fine to have a cutesy email address for personal use among your family and friends, but be sure to create a professional email address before you begin filling out college admission applications or applying for employment.


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creating a professional email address

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