the importance of college preparation

Posted : October 29, 2012
Last Updated : October 29, 2012

the importance of college preparation

ACT score results for the US graduating class of 2012 continue to show an alarming number of students leaving high school not fully prepared for success in college and career. Six out of 10 ACT-tested 2012 graduates nationally were at risk of not succeeding in college, as they failed to meet at least two of the four ACT College Readiness Benchmarks in English, mathematics, reading, and science. And nearly three out of every 10 students met none of the four benchmarks.

Students who struggle in two or more core subject areas in the first year of college are in jeopardy. They may be forced to take remedial courses, which slow down their progress toward earning a degree and cost them additional money. They may fall behind, become frustrated, lose confidence, fail or drop required courses, and even drop out completely.

ACT results show the best way for students to prepare for success in college and career is to take challenging courses in school, study hard, and learn the material. The sooner students start planning for the future—and taking courses that will help them reach their career goals—the better.

What can you do? Prepare a road map to get to college, take challenging classes, and stay on course. When you need help or encounter a potential obstacle, seek a parent, teacher, counselor, tutor, or mentor who can help you get back on target to success.

Source: ACT's News You Can Use


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the importance of college preparation

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