tips for building your reading skills

Posted : January 9, 2008
Last Updated : January 9, 2020

tips for building your reading skills

Reading is an important life skill, one that is important not only for your success in school and work, but also in your daily life. College will require you to read a lot of material, much of it challenging, and usually in a short amount of time. Before heading to college, there's also the ACT, which includes a reading test and other tests that require reading comprehension to complete. Following are some tips to increase your reading time and help build your reading skills:

  • Find something that interests you and that you enjoy reading such as a book series, a magazine, or a section of the newspaper. Read often.
  • Create a reading spot with pillows, blankets, and good lighting. It's much easier to read if you're comfortable.
  • Establish a daily reading time—lunch, before sports practice, or bedtime—whatever works best for you. You might even begin to look forward to that reading time.
  • Visit bookstores or the library and explore all the types of reading materials available. The choices are unbelievable—sports magazines, graphic novels, how-to manuals, teen fiction, and newspapers, just to name a few.
  • Read a book that's coming out as a movie. Compare the two and think about what version you liked best and why.
  • Follow your interests and do some research on the Internet. Read about a new band, a new car, or your favorite actor.
  • Try reading something new. Don't just stick with your favorites.

Source: ACT's News You Can Use


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tips for building your reading skills

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