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    online scholarship searches

    Posted : November 3, 2004
    Last Updated : June 20, 2013

    online scholarship searches

    Online scholarship searches are research tools that can help you find leads on potential scholarships for which you may want to apply. Keep in mind that when utilizing an online scholarship search, you are not guaranteed a scholarship. The searches are merely a way to inform you of available scholarships that match your personal profile.

    With most scholarship searches, you will be given the option to fill in information about yourself, such as grade level, GPA, SAT and/or ACT scores, major, hobbies, etc. Once you submit your info, the search engine will research its scholarship database and match you with a list of available scholarships for which you are eligible to apply. It is then up to you to contact the school or company providing the scholarship to request an application.

    Because there are numerous scholarship searches available online, you have to make sure to use the ones that are legit and reliable. Here's what to look for when utilizing online scholarship searches:

    Free Service
    Do not pay a fee to use an online scholarship search. There are a multitude of free searches on the Internet, including the scholarship search provided by eCampusTours. Most scholarship searches that require a fee imply that they have access to unlisted scholarships. However, you can find the same information using the free searches or at your high school counselor's office, local library, college library, college financial aid office, etc. Just stay cautious and watch out for scams. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

    Updated Information
    When using an online scholarship search, make sure the scholarship information provided is up-to-date. If there are broken links or incorrect contact information, opt for a different search engine. You don't want to waste valuable time working on an application for a scholarship that doesn't even exist anymore.

    Privacy Policy
    When you complete a scholarship search profile online, the search service saves the information that you submit. Therefore, before you submit your profile, you need to read the company's privacy policy and make sure that they do not sell, lease, or rent your information to third parties. You don't want to end up with unsolicited e-mails, snail mail, phone calls, or text messages.

    When beginning your search for scholarships, remember to start the process early. Most scholarship application deadlines are in February and March of each year.

    Utilize a free scholarship search and register for a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship from eCampusTours.

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    online scholarship searches

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