sample letter of inquiry for private scholarships

Posted : April 3, 2001
Last Updated : July 28, 2015

sample letter of inquiry for private scholarships

Most organizations that provide college scholarships will list details about the scholarships and how to apply for the scholarships on their websites. However, sometimes you will come across scholarships that offer no online information. For these scholarships, you will need to contact the organizations via telephone, email, or snail mail in order to receive more information. This sample scholarship letter provides a format for an inquiry about private scholarships. You will need to modify this sample scholarship letter in order to customize it to your own background and needs by replacing the text printed in boldface below.


Ms. T. Sample, Director
XYZ Organization
Moneytown, USA 99999

Dear Ms. Sample:

I am writing with regard to any student financial assistance that the XYZ Organization may offer to postsecondary bound students.

(Enter a concise paragraph about your background and goals. Try to show how you meet the requirements of the organization's scholarship program. If this is a letter to find out if the organization even offers aid, write a short paragraph about how your background and ambitions coincide with the mission of that organization.)

Please forward information to me about student financial assistance available through the XYZ Organization, including how I might apply and any deadlines for applying for the 20XX - 20XX academic year. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your consideration.


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sample letter of inquiry for private scholarships

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